The Mother Nature's Diet 1-day seminar is a fantastic, fun, inspirational day of learning, and for many people, they tell us that this day marks the start of their personal journey to their best ever good health. 

The main theme of the day is "Your body is your home, so learn to look after it and learn to get the best from it.” 

Your day

This full day of learning and motivation takes place in top-quality, easy-to-get-to hotels and conference centres, always with ample free parking and easy road access, for your convenience, or with good Tube access in central London. This jam-packed one-day seminar will teach you how to place a foundation of abundant good health as the bedrock of all you do in your life. This day will introduce you to the 12 Core Principles of Mother Nature's Diet and you will learn a number of key insights about how your body works inside, and how you can improve your diet and lifestyle to live a more abundant life, with more energy and less fatigue. With supreme good health at the core of all you do, your career, your training, your diet, your body, your relationships and your life will all benefit from your increased strength and energy.

Agenda on the day

Obviously details sometimes vary for individual locations, but in most cases complimentary hot drinks are served from 8:30 in the morning and we get started at 9am.

During the morning session we cover:

  • Introduction to the 12 Core Principles of Mother Nature's Diet
  • Core Principles Group 1: What NOT to eat!
  • Understanding the importance of a high-nutrient diet
  • How to resist the signs of ageing

Our morning session together will inspire you and introduce you to Mother Nature's Diet and the 12 Core Principles, and it will help you think about how your diet is such an important factor underpinning many other areas of your life. We will look at how your diet and lifestyle choices affect your energy levels, and how you can improve your diet to help resist everyday fatigue, premature ageing, disease and ill health.

There will be one or two short mid-morning leg stretch breaks, a chance to grab refreshments and use the bathroom.

At most of our seminars, a healthy, nutritious, delicious lunch is provided as part of your ticket price. Our dear friend Trish Tucker-May, Founder of Passion4Juice, provides amazing food for lunch, and everyone who comes to a seminar always says how much they love the food! Trish and her staff prepare amazing lunches, free from gluten, sugar and alcohol, which demonstrate beyond any question that healthy eating can also be delicious, abundant eating. 

During the afternoon session we cover:

  • Core Principles Group 2 – healthy eating for abundant living!
  • Core Principles Group 3 – exercise and lifestyle factors
  • Your Wheel of Health

During our afternoon talk, you will learn how to fuel your body and mind for more abundant healthy living, you will gain a deeper understanding of all the elements of your lifestyle that affect your health. We will cover food, exercise, lifestyle stress and more, to help you build a balanced approach to enjoying supreme good health and abundant energy. Again, there will be one or two short mid-afternoon comfort breaks, and we should wrap up by around 5pm.

Your day with Mother Nature's Diet will be fun, will make you laugh as you learn, will give you lots to think about and arm you with insightful ways of thinking that you can take away and implement privately in your own time. Your learnings on this day will help you to see how you can ‘stack the deck’ in your own favour, for a long healthy life, free from disease and tiredness, so that you live every day strong, healthy and full of energy. And on top of all that, you can enjoy meeting other like-minded people in a fun, relaxed, non-judgemental environment. MotherNaturesDiet is not selling supplements or pushing you to buy in to any crazy fad, we are not promoting any pseudo-science or making any false promises that we can cure-all-ills. This day will teach you about all-natural, abundant, holistic healthy living.

This event is ever popular, and below this video you can see some of the great feedback that we have received.

Here is a short video - just 10 minutes - from the opening hour of the 1-day seminar, this one was taken in London in early 2016.

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Adult ticket, 1-day Seminar, Norwich March 11, 2017

Location: Dunston Hall hotel and golf resort, Norwich, UK

Date: 11th March 2017, full day 9 til 5

Details: Water and hot drinks all day included, delicious healthy lunch included, free parking and Wi-Fi included, no additional costs


Feedback and testimonials from previous attendees at the Mother Nature's Diet 1-day Seminar - 

"Had an absolutely amazing day at the MotherNaturesDiet seminar today! Karl was absolutely incredible, I have never seen a human being have so much energy and then some! He could have gone on for a month! When you see the guy in the flesh it’s impossible to question what he teaches! Do yourself and your family and friends a favour and get your butts down to one of his seminars this year, you will not be disappointed!" – Mr B, UK

"Great Day. Cannot recommend Karl’s seminar enough. Walked away with so much information and totally fired up. That guy is awesome and he walks the talk!" – Ms C, UK

“He’s changed my life I can tell you!! x”

“On the way home from Karl’s 1-day MND Seminar. My second time and once again a phenomenally great, fun-filled day full of inspiration. I was reminded of why I came home from the Leamington Spa seminar last July and pretty much changed my life, emptying my kitchen cupboards of grains, cutting out the crap and ditching a dead-end job. I am so glad I made those decisions and there’s lots more to come." - Mrs R, UK.

“Absolutely great day, learned so much. Would recommend it to everyone! Thanks Karl Whitfield. It was a great seminar, well worth the journey. I’m looking forward to doing the homework and making some changes!” – Mr Smith, Glasgow.

“Brilliant seminar, thank you Karl. x” – Mrs V, Norwich

“Absolutely fantastic day, I came home feeling super inspired. Thank you Karl your energy is awesome!”

“Fabulous day thank you so much Karl Whitfield” – Mr T, Midlands, UK.

“Fabulously inspirational!”

“Amazing day, amazing people. I didn’t want the day to end!” – Mr B, UK.

"Having an awesome day here at the seminar with Karl Whitfield and the gang. Amazing energy in the room and everyone is being fired up. Time is passing way too quickly and I can’t wait to get further fuelled up after lunch. This man knows his shit and he is on Fire today. Seriously People, get yourselves signed up for the next seminar , It is just too good to miss. So glad that I have come here today." – Ms C, UK.

“Given me so much food for thought and highlighted areas of my health I need to address”

“I learned so much, again! Got inspired, motivated and met lovely people!! Can’t wait for the weekend MND  Intensive Workshop!!"

“Awesome day!!!! Fact-filled, intense, fun and a great atmosphere. Huge thanks, Karl, and also to everyone else who contributed. So nice to meet a lot of my FB MND friends in person as well!! It’s got me even more excited for the MND Intensive weekend workshop!”

“You are a legend Karl! Infinite gratitude!” 

If you would like to read more, please see these testimonials from people who have attended this workshop before.


Your ticket, your money-back guarantee: Of course, if you find your day does not meet your expectations, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked. We feel very confident this will not happen. In fact, we are pretty certain that you will find this day to be an outstanding investment in yourself and the rest of your life. This day will change how you think, and motivate and empower you to improve your health, wherever you are now, and have more energy and do more with your life.


Still want to know more? Having more energy

One of the core talking points of the 1-day seminar is about eating and living to have more energy. According to surveys, fatigue and feeling tired all the time is the number one health complaint of the British people these days.

There's a lot of competition out there, for all the best things in life, and having more energy is the key to getting what you business, in relationships, in your finances and in every area of your life. 

MND is the ideal lifestyle to help you get ahead, to give you more energy to build a better life and get more done. Here is a short video about the advantages of having more energy, a theme we discuss in detail at the 1-day seminar.