The 12 Core Principles

The foundations of the Mother Nature's Diet healthy lifestyle.

The 12 Core Principles, an introduction

The Mother Nature's Diet healthy lifestyle is based around 12 Core Principles.

These are 12 simple points to guide you to optimal good health. The 12 Core Principles are easy to understand, easy to implement in your life and easy to follow. Living this way requires no science degree, no calorie counting and no need to starve yourself. In fact, it's quite the opposite. We have worked hard to remove the science and complexity, and the end result is purposefully simple, as good health should be. And far from starving, this lifestyle is abundant, you shouldn't need to suffer in order to be healthy.

Click the image of the 12 Core Principles for a 1-page print off sheet. You might like to print a copy and stick it up in your kitchen, and maybe one at work too.

A brief introduction

This short video will explain a little more about the 12 Core Principles of Mother Nature's Diet and what you can find on this page.


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Getting started, practical steps...

Some folks say it all looks terribly difficult, giving things up, like some kind of 'diet hell' but it's not really like that at all! Actually, it's easier than you think, just watch this short video to see how you can get started on a healthier lifestyle quickly and easily just by making some small changes. Living this healthy lifestyle is easier than you might think.


I hope you will give it a try. If you look on the MND blog site you will find meal ideas, recipe ideas, and practical tips you can use every day. No single 'diet' solution will ever be all things to all people. But for the vast majority of people searching online for solutions to help with weight loss and improved wellbeing, the 12 Core Principles can bring quick, lasting results. Not "instant" or "mind blowing" or "effortless" - in general, people who want 'instant results' for 'no effort' usually end up spending a lifetime chasing 'diet nirvana' and get trapped in the repetitive cycle of fad diets.

By contrast, most people who start living the MND way get pleasing results quite quickly, and then go on to maintain those results and make continued progress. So break away from fad diet mentality, and try committing to a permanent healthy lifestyle. Try living by the 12 Core Principles of Mother Nature's Diet and see if it helps you.

If you would like to learn much more about the 12 Core Principles, in all their detail, we strongly recommend you purchase a copy of the book Mother Nature's Diet available on this site.

Please visit our testimonials page to see what other people say about the 12 Core Principles:

“I’ve lost 7lbs in 12 days Karl, and yes it is all yum, and beats a sandwich and crisps any day!”

“I’m down a dress size in two weeks as I’m no longer bloated and sluggish.
My anaemia is no longer tiring me out so much in the day!!!!
I’m sticking to this!!”

“I have lost 5lbs in one week just by following MND and home workouts. I cannot believe it! My stomach has really gone down. I’ve stopped the bread and stuck to the 12 Core Principles. I still cannot believe it. Just having more energy is awesome!”

“I would urge anyone who thinks this diet/way of life is restrictive to do what I did and start with just a small manageable time period to see how you feel afterwards. I guarantee that you will notice a major difference in your body, your health and it won’t seem as restrictive as before, but instead you will discover a new lease of life."

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