The 12 Core Principles

The foundations of the Mother Nature's Diet healthy lifestyle.

Core Principle 12

Apply the 90/10 rule

Mother Nature’s Diet is a healthy lifestyle. It’s not a fad, it’s not torture, it’s not punishment, it’s not meant to be hard and it’s most definitely not a ‘bandwagon’! Some people will find it difficult implementing Core Principles 1 through 11 into their lives. For some people, ditching bread will be hard, for some people getting off their sugar addiction will be hard, for some people quitting alcohol will be the biggest challenge. Some people will find it pretty easy making these changes, and other folks may find it all quite tough. Core Principle 12 is your safety net, your ‘pressure release valve’ to make the whole lifestyle easier, more manageable and completely long-term sustainable.

Core Principle 10 is all about reducing stress, so the last thing we want is to try to be a diet perfectionist and get stressed out about our food. If you are out to a business lunch and you look at the menu and it doesn’t state that the beef is grass-fed, no drama. You don’t need to ask the client if you can go to a different restaurant, no sweat if the vegetables aren’t organic. Just pick something from the menu that fits ‘plants and animals’ and make do with that. See, that’s Core Principle 12 at work. It’s there to make life easier, and to make this healthy lifestyle realistic, achievable and sustainable.

If you go to friends for a meal, and they serve pasta, just relax, eat it, this one time it won’t hurt. But politely decline the dessert, because two wrongs don’t make a right!

This is the idea of Core Principle 12. It’s there to make life easier, so you don’t become one of those boring, fussy people who no one wants to hang out with, and to stop you feeling stressed about your food choices. Core Principle 12 allows you to get it right 90% of the time, and chill out over the last 10%.

“Don’t stress over the last 10% – don’t sweat the small stuff”

What does CP 12 allow?

  • If you can’t afford organic all the time, then buy organic for the so-called ‘dirty dozen’ which use the most pesticides (includes apples, peaches, spinach, tomatoes and bell peppers – you can look this up online any time)
  • If moderate alcohol consumption suits you better than teetotal, then that’s OK
  • If you want to have an ice cream while you’re on the beach with your kids on summer holiday, then chill out and enjoy. Just make sure it’s only a couple of ice creams per holiday, not one every day!
  • If you are in a restaurant and can’t find pasture-fed meat, no stress this one time
  • If you dine out and eat dessert, don’t beat yourself up about it, just don’t do it every day

Can you see how this works? It’s about being sensible, taking the drama out of healthy living, making it sustainable. We all accept that in our modern world, food made from grains, starchy carbs and sugar are everywhere, and sometimes we get caught away from home and in need of food and we have to make the best choice we can from what is available. Trying to religiously avoid sugar and grains and processed foods 100% of the time is virtually impossible.

The goal is to do the best we can with what is available. It’s about making progress, rather than seeking outright perfection.

“Progress, not perfection.”

It's about making the right choices MOST of the time. What defines our results is what we do consistently, most days, not what we do once in a while.

What does CP 12 not allow?

  • It’s not an excuse to binge!
  • Eating fish and veg from Monday to Friday, then blowing out all weekend on junk food and heavy drinking is not “enjoying your 10%” and that’s not what this is about
  • It’s not a ‘cheat day’ or an ‘allowance’ of ‘sin points’
  • It’s not an excuse to get blind drunk once per week and pig out on junk food

Mother Nature’s Diet is a commitment to yourself, to be the best version of you that you can be, it’s a long-term healthy lifestyle. It’s not rocket science, it’s all pretty simple stuff. Many people are overweight, out of shape, tired all the time and suffering a range of minor chronic health conditions. The advice in the 12 Core Principles can help will all that, but you have to do this stuff, you have to make the choices, exercise some self-control, make better decisions. It’s about personal responsibility.


Core Principle 12 is there as a safety valve to help you do that without feeling like you are living under some strict dietary regime. Ultimately, how much you apply this stuff, will determine your results. Some people go for it 100%, they live the Core Principles 1 through 11 to the letter, and they get great results, fast. Others push CP 12 to the limit and live the MND way at about 70/30…and they still get beneficial results, but much slower, the changes take much longer.

How it works for you…is entirely up to you. In this life, you get out what you put in. Your results are up to you.

It is always worth remembering that what we do occasionally has little consequence on our lives, it’s what we do habitually that really defines us. It’s not what you do once in a while that counts, it’s what you do 90% of the time that determines your results.

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