The 12 Core Principles

The foundations of the Mother Nature's Diet healthy lifestyle.

Core Principle 2

Eliminate refined sugar. Limit natural sugars

Refined sugar is a major health hazard. Either in the form of the white crystals we know as table sugar, or the comparatively ‘new evil’ liquid form you have almost certainly heard of, high fructose corn syrup, sugar is undeniably a major contributory factor to the rising global obesity problem.

Food manufacturers seem to increasingly add sugar to almost everything, and some processed foods and soft drinks contain frightening amounts of refined sugar. As most Western nations face an obesity problem that is racing out of control, and a type-2 diabetes problem that’s not far behind, refined sugar is increasingly recognised as a major contributing factor in this situation.

With sugar added to everything from oven pizza to stir fry sauces, the problem is that people are becoming ever-more conditioned to expect all foods to taste sweet. This desire for sweet-tasting foods is a vicious cycle, driving over-eating of processed foods, and causing people to lose familiarity with the natural tastes of fresh whole foods.

Not a whole food

Refined sugar is not a nutritious food in and of itself, because it offers only calories, without any vitamins and minerals, and it costs your body dearly to process it. Refined sugar is therefore an anti-nutrient, something that costs your body small amounts of certain micro-nutrients in order for you to digest and assimilate the calories provided. If you lived on nothing but sugar, you would develop life-threatening vitamin deficiencies surprisingly quickly. In short, you would die faster eating a diet of just sugar, than if you ate nothing and starved to death. Therefore, it’s not an unrealistic notion to say that refined sugar is an addictive, fattening, poison.

Sugar consumption is almost unquestionably the key driver behind the current type-2 diabetes epidemic. Sugar products are now hidden under an array of names and guises, some notorious like High-Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) and some more subtle, such as maltodextrin. Sugar is added to so many foods it is ridiculous – and often because the so-called ‘food’ is little more than “nutritional cardboard” made in a factory, and without sugar it would taste pretty awful.

Too much added sugar in the modern Western diet is contributing to obesity, type-2 diabetes, tooth decay and more.


  • Eating refined sugar actually does you more harm than good
  • Sugar consumption is a major driver of the current obesity and type-2 diabetes epidemics
  • Refined sugar offers only empty calories, no vitamins and minerals. It costs your body small amounts of micro-nutrients to digest it
  • If you tried to live on just refined sugar, you would almost certainly become very sick in surprisingly little time, and eventually die
  • Sugar is an addictive, fattening, poison
  • Many people think healthy fresh whole foods are boring, because they say they taste bland – but only to their palate which has been familiarised to desire sweet tastes by refined sugar and processed salt
  • Sugar is in almost every processed food these days – study labels and wise up!
  • Alcoholic drinks are also full of sugar

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