The 12 Core Principles

The foundations of the Mother Nature's Diet healthy lifestyle.

Core Principle 4

Don't smoke; drink less alcohol; avoid drugs. Cut the chemicals


There are some pretty obvious good health tips here. Don’t smoke. Really, we all get that already, right? Smoking kills around 6.5 million people worldwide every year, around 80,000 in the UK, or one in six deaths, including around 23% of cancer deaths.


This is a big deal for a lot of people. Karl, founder of MND, finds that after 26 years as a heavy drinker, being teetotal works best for him personally. But you may decide to reduce your alcohol consumption to ‘moderate’ if that works better for you. Alcohol has a lot of known side effects; it contributes to obesity, sexual dysfunction, liver disease, breast and prostate cancer (the most prevalent cancers in UK females and male respectively) and degenerative neurological conditions.

Many people believe that moderate alcohol consumption is healthier than total abstinence, and this is quite possibly due to the stress-busting benefits of moderate consumption. For more on this you may like to read this post here.


Quite obviously narcotics and recreational drugs are a no-go for a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, you should avoid performance enhancing drugs, steroids, sports stimulants, over-the-counter medications and prescription drugs as much as possible. Of course, if your doctor is recommending you take a prescription drug for a specific condition, then you should follow that advice – but you should also talk to your doctor and ask if there might be ways to avoid taking drugs at all. You could ask if healthy dietary and lifestyle options can reduce your need for any drug. Prescription pharmaceuticals certainly play a vital role in our society today, but there are also many cases where such drugs are prescribed too quickly, and patients do not explore all possible alternatives. We encourage you to always look for alternatives to all drugs.

Always consult with your doctor for advice about medications. Most doctors are delighted to look at diet and lifestyle interventions as a route to reducing medications.


Over the last couple of hundred years, we have invented around 150,000 chemicals that did not exist in Mother Nature’s world. Only a small number of these (less than 10%) have ever been tested for safety in humans, because the rest are not designed to end up inside us. However, experts have discovered traces of between 50% and 75% of these chemicals DO end up inside us…and this is not good news. We simply do not know what effects they are having. Let’s face it, the human race has a blistering track record of messing around with substances that we think are safe, we put them widely into use, and then we figure out they are actually really harmful. Think asbestos, DDT, BPAs in plastics, and so on.

There are tens of thousands of man-made chemicals out there, untested in humans, yet traces are getting inside us, and we just do not have the science to say whether these compounds are harmful or not. We can’t even be certain how they end up inside us. Perhaps we are eating traces of pesticides, or maybe we are breathing in fire retardants that are sprayed on our fabrics and soft furnishings, or it might be that we are absorbing traces of chemicals in cosmetics through our skin. Somehow, they are ending up inside us. Many of these chemicals may be endocrine disruptors, messing with your hormones, many may be carcinogenic, many may have effects on our brains and neurological function. We just don’t know. The best advice is to keep all chemicals in your life to minimum use. Until we have done all the science, which might take the next 100 years, don’t use any chemicals unless you really need to.


  • Don't smoke
  • Drink less alcohol
  • Don't abuse recreational drugs
  • Reduce reliance on medications if appropriate dietary and lifestyle interventions are available
  • Work to reduce your 'lifetime load' exposure to unnatural chemicals 

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