The 12 Core Principles

The foundations of the Mother Nature's Diet healthy lifestyle.

Core Principle 5

Breathe! Use your lungs fully. Get plenty of fresh air, every day

Breathe! Use your lungs. Get plenty of fresh air and sunshine, every day. Oxygen is, without question, the most vital nutrient any of us can consume. Nutrition is really about more than just food. Air and water, sleep and exercise are all just as important, or more important, than the food we eat, when it comes to nourishing our bodies. Air is the most important nutrient our bodies need. If you don’t believe that, try going an hour without it and see how you get on. (Please, don’t actually try this!)

The majority of people just don’t use their lungs enough and just don’t get enough fresh clean air every day to truly maximise their health and have abundant natural energy. Core Principles 5 teaches you that –

  • Nutrition is about more than just food
  • Any ‘diet program’ that only talks about food is far from holistic. Air, water, sleep, exercise and sunlight are all important factors in any ‘healthy diet’
  • Breathe deeply, let your tummy out, fill your lungs and move your body
  • Get outside, get fresh air and sunshine, exert yourself with a brisk walk and breathe deeply
  • Try to exercise at maximal effort at least once per week. Cycle up a big hill, sprint around your local park or do something that makes you really fill your lungs deeply, down into every little alveoli
  • Country air is much cleaner than city air, so get out and enjoy the countryside whenever you can

Get outside and enjoy filling your lungs with clean fresh air as often as you can, ideally every day.

There are immense health benefits to be gained from making your lungs work maximally on a regular basis. Lung and respiratory diseases are among the most common ill health conditions that the general population suffer with today. Upper respiratory tract infections (that is ‘persistent coughs, nasty colds and chest infections’ in plain English) are among the most common complaints that people report to their GP for. Lung health is a big deal, don’t downplay this. In the UK, one in five people suffer from a lung or respiratory condition, including asthma, and such conditions are responsible for over 1 million hospital admissions annually in the UK. Lung diseases are the third largest cause of death in the UK. Lung cancer is the single biggest cancer killer by a large margin. Other big killers include bronchitis and emphysema (collectively known as COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a collection of lung conditions), flu and pneumonia.


If you want to live a long and healthy life, you need to look after your lungs. Remember one of the key MND exercise principles – ‘use it or lose it’ – well that includes your lung health too, so we need to get our lungs working. That means regular aerobic exercise is a must. Running, swimming, cycling, rowing or just brisk, hilly walking, it doesn’t matter what, but you need to get out at least once or twice per week and get puffing and panting. In many ways, your life depends on it!!

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