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What is Mother Nature's Diet?

Mother Nature's Diet is a healthy lifestyle. It’s a way of living, including dietary guidelines, to help you lose unwanted excess weight, have plenty of energy, avoid ill health and resist the signs of ageing as best as possible. Mother Nature's Diet (or MND as followers like to call it) is designed to help you feel great, look your best and enjoy your life in every way.

Common-sense healthy living

If you want to lose that excess weight for good, no more fad diets, no more yo-yo weight loss, then Mother Nature's Diet may be the answer you have been looking for.

If you want more energy, and freedom from sugar-lows and the afternoon slump, then MND just might be for you.

If you are the kind of person who refuses to accept that turning 40 means "it's all downhill from here" then the Mother Nature's Diet way of living might be the lifestyle you have been searching for.

If you think the right way to live is to eat fresh whole foods, rather than searching for answers in the form of supplements, pills and powders, then Mother Nature's Diet will resonate with you.

If you are prepared to get outside every day for some fresh air, take long walks at the weekends and switch off that TV from time to time, then you'll feel right at home living the MND way.

Mother Nature's Diet is for people who care, people who want the best for themselves, and people who are prepared to put in a little effort to get permanent lasting results.

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What is Mother Nature's Diet not?

Mother Nature's Diet is not a fad diet! We use the word "diet" in it's correct meaning, as 'the sum of food a person consumes'...not as 'a temporary way of eating to lose some excess weight'! This is a long term lifestyle, not a quick fix fad!

MND is not just a weight loss program, it’s not just a quest for a 6-pack and it’s not a ‘muscle building program’. MND is not a sports nutrition plan, to help you lift heavier, cycle faster or run for greater distances. However, it will help you to be healthy on the inside, which should aid you in whatever sports or exercise goals you pursue.

MND is designed to help you be the best, healthiest version of you possible, healthy on the inside, looking good from the outside, to help you achieve whatever life goals you have.

The 12 Core Principles

Mother Nature's Diet is made up of 12 Core Principles, a simple set of guidelines about how to live, eat and move your body. These are 12 simple points to guide you to optimal good health. The 12 Core Principles are easy to understand, easy to implement in your life and easy to follow.

To learn more about the 12 Core Principles in detail, please click the image, or the button below, to visit that page.

You can find out how other people are getting on, living by the 12 Core Principles of Mother Nature's Diet, by clicking here to read their words about losing weight, having more energy and feeling great.

12 Core Principles

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Should I drink coffee? Why do I have to give up bread? Has MND got anything to do with Motor Neurone Disease? Do I have to start running? If you have questions, check out the FAQs!


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Our Founder

Mother Nature's Diet was started by Karl Whitfield in 2011, borne out of a combination of his passion for healthy living, his own personal health transformation and his frustration with the endless confusion and complexity that pervades the worlds of weight loss, health and well being.

Karl fought with excess weight for over 20 years, yo-yo dieting in and out of obesity for two decades. He smoked for 20 years, was a heavy drinker for 26 years and suffered nasal conditions and skin conditions that had him taking prescription medications for 17 years.

Karl turned his poor health around, lost 101 pounds of fat (that's 46 kilos, or 7 stone 3), quit smoking and drinking, cleaned up his life, came off his medications, cured his own health problems and became passionately obsessed with all things health and nutrition. He got fit, ran a dozen marathons, became a qualified Personal Trainer and read over 840 books and research papers on all aspects of health, disease prevention, nutrition, ageing and longevity.

In all that reading, it was Karl's frustration at the mass of seemingly-contradictory opinions on almost every aspect of health and fitness, that led him to develop the 12 Core Principles of Mother Nature's Diet.

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"I have lost 5lbs in one week just by following MND and home workouts. I cannot believe it! My stomach has really gone down. I’ve stopped the bread and stuck to the 12 Core Principles. I still cannot believe it. Just having more energy is awesome!"

- Mrs T, Norwich

"MND really does work!"

– Ms R, London

"Thank you for MND. I’ve only done 3 days and feel much better already. It’s very simple too. I thought I was already eating healthily but couldn’t lose any weight. The ‘no grains’ makes sense and is definitely making a difference. I only have to think protein – fish, meat, eggs, fruit and veg, nuts and seeds. I drink plenty of water now.There’s always plenty of food and I’m never hungry either."

– Mrs. S, South East

"The Mother Nature's Diet book is a good read, and I'm 5lb down already and I haven't even finished it yet!"

- Ms. G, South East

"I have suffered with irritable bowel syndrome for many, many years. I was told to eat fibre – given Fybogel from the doctor, etc., suffered with lots of painful cramps, bloating etc., going one day being constipated, the next loose. I follow MND and no bloating, and bowels are now normal. Happy days!"

– Mrs H, UK

"I’ve been following the MND lifestyle for 4 weeks today – lots of positive changes including over 7lbs lost."

- Mr J, South West

"After the seminar…I dropped about 3kg immediately since I stopped eating grains."

– Mrs R, Norwich, UK

"Living the MND lifestyle has changed every part of mine and my families life. My wife is no longer in a wheelchair with chronic fatigue. My daughters are healthier, happier and concentrate more with less arguing, and I went from a 16 stone (225 pounds, or 102 kilos) lorry driver to a 12.5 stone man on a mission. "

- Mr H, Leicester

"Just wanted to say thanks. I started MND on 1st Jan. I was expecting weight loss, but not 8lbs! I was expecting to feel better in myself, but I feel amazing! Before, I was tired all the time… Now I’m full of energy. I’m normally a bit of a grumpy old git, but have been really buoyant. I still have a long way to go, but I think I’m going to make it! So thanks … for showing me the way!"

– Ms H, UK

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