Mother Nature's Diet

Cutting through the confusion, Mother Nature's Diet is the common-sense health and weight loss advice you've been looking for.


“A very welcome and much-needed return to some common-sense in the world of diet and nutrition.”


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Mother Nature's Diet

Weight loss, nutrition, healthy has all become so confusing. It can be hard to know what is the right thing to do.

  • Are you fed up with fad diets?
  • Had enough of the gimmicks, the promises, the b/s?
  • Are you fed up with being lied to?
  • Are you tired of the contradictory messages, ideas and advice?
  • Are you bored of being sold 'the magic secret' to this or the 'only supplement you'll ever need' for that?

All the health experts seem to preach messages that are in conflict with each other.

It's confusing, annoying and frustrating. 

By the time you finish reading this book, you'll be able to see beyond all that nonsense. 

Cut through the confusion

The internet seems to be awash with self-appointed diet gurus promising you 'the secrets' to weight loss, 'the truth' about fat burning, and 'the magic secret they are hiding from you' about ageing well...yet the solutions they offer seem to involve buying some powdered supplements or sticking to some crazy workout schedule.

Mother Nature's Diet is the antidote to all
that conflict and contradiction.

  • No fads, no gimmicks, no so-called superfoods or supplements
  • No starving
  • No calorie counting
  • No suffering

Mother Nature's Diet is a common-sense healthy lifestyle, not a fad diet, that will help you lose weight, feel great and resist the signs of ageing.

Mother Nature's Diet is for people who care, people who want the best for themselves, and people who are prepared to put in a little effort to get permanent lasting results.

“Mother Nature’s Diet makes sense of all the science, cuts through the confusion, and tells you what to do in plain English. It’s a breath of fresh air!”

Mother Nature's Diet

Time to move forward. Enough years of yo-yo diets; enough money waste on supplements and so-called 'superfoods'; enough gurus and their bullshit hard-sell; enough roller coaster weight-loss and re-gain. 

Solid science, common-sense, plain truth.

No fads, no gimmicks, just basic healthy living that works. 

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"Doc, can't I just have the pills?"

A while ago I interviewed an NHS GP about the state of healthcare in the UK, and I asked the questions “Are people working hard to help themselves?”, and I was shocked to be told that while many GPs do take the time to give lifestyle and dietary advice, repeatedly, the reality is that a staggering nine out of ten patients just disregard that advice and ask, “Doc, can’t I just have the pills?”
This is the sad truth – the NHS is going bust because people are not taking personal responsibility.

Nine out of ten people. That is shocking and saddening to me.

If you just read that little story and, in your mind, you thought “I’m the one in ten, I don’t want to just take pills, if there is a way I can help myself, then I will.” If that’s you, then you’ll find that Mother Nature’s Diet is the lifestyle for you.

You will enjoy this book.

Mother Nature's Diet – the place where preventive medicine meets personal responsibility

Mother Nature's Diet is all about taking personal responsibility, and working on yourself to get the best out of your life, in every way. 

If you think the right way to live is to eat fresh whole foods and get some regular exercise, rather than searching for answers in the form of supplements, pills and powders, then Mother Nature's Diet will resonate with you.

All you need to know

You will learn about the 12 Core Principles of Mother Nature's Diet. 12 simple 1-liners that are easy to understand, easy to implement in your life and easy to follow. Living this way requires no science degree, in fact, it's quite the opposite. I have worked hard to minimise the science and reduce the complexity. Far from starving or suffering, this lifestyle is abundant, you shouldn't need to count calories in order to be healthy.

The 293-page eBook includes a 28-Day Plan, all the details you need to make these sustainable, enjoyable, beneficial changes in your life, to lose weight, feel great and have more energy.

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"This book is clearly written with passion and integrity, masses of commonsense, a framework of experience and thorough research, and packed with real-life constructive suggestions. If you want to change your life and health for the better, I can only strongly recommend that you buy it, read it and implement it; it's the best £9 you will ever spend."

- Mrs T, Norwich

"MND really does work!"

– Ms R, London

"If you care about yourself, if you want to be the best you can then you need to buy this book, it's not just a way to eat well but also a way to live your life well too ... it will be the best investment in You that you can ever make!"

- Mrs V, France

"Testimonial! Okay, I need to boast, lol, not for me, but for my other half. In less than 3 weeks of properly following MND he has lost (drum roll please!!!)……. 1 stone! Not only that, but his shape has improved too! Say bye bye to belly fat, and hello to trimmer and more toned!! Oh and best of all, he is finding it a doddle as the MND 12 Core Principles are so easy to follow and implement. Thank you Karl!"

– Ms. J, Wales

"It's a good read and I'm 5lb down already and I haven't even finished the book yet!"

- Ms. G, South East

"I have suffered with irritable bowel syndrome for many, many years. I was told to eat fibre – given Fybogel from the doctor, etc., suffered with lots of painful cramps, bloating etc., going one day being constipated, the next loose. I follow MND and no bloating, and bowels are now normal. Happy days!"

– Mrs H, UK

"I’ve been following the MND lifestyle for 4 weeks today – lots of positive changes including over 7lbs lost."

- Mr J, South West

"I wanted to crack on with discovering MND... love the no-nonsense, common-sense and pep-talk style - accessible, and am aiming for 'progress, not perfection' ... thanks, Karl!"

- Mrs G, East Anglia

"Listen to Karl! I cut all the rubbish out of my shopping list, my trolley has never looked so healthy. I weighed myself today and I’m 6lbs lighter and I’ve eaten loads this week, not felt hungry and am determined never to follow any weight loss programme ever again, just healthy eating and exercise and no sugar!"

– Ms. C, London

"I have found the book great. Exactly the tool I wanted to learn from and digest (pardon the pun!)"

- Mr B, Hereford

Mother Nature's Diet

Start today, the book includes a 28-Day Plan to help you make changes to your diet and lifestyle that will quickly and easily give you the results you have been looking for.


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