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Mother Nature's Diet is the breathe of fresh air you have been looking for. Are you ready to take control of your health and your future? You can join like-minded people seeking supreme good health and abundant natural energy, enter the common sense world of Mother Nature's Diet.

MND Life! is a monthly subscription. You join our community and get access to our password-protected website, and our private members-only Facebook Group. You can learn everything you want to know about healthy living, and get the support you need, all while making new friends and having fun.


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What you get in MND Life!

You get education, inspiration and motivation. You get password-protected access to our large health, nutrition and fitness library, full of video and written material, and you get to join our wonderful Members-only private Facebook Group...

Monthly Webinars

Video library of webinars, MND TV and other short videos. We are adding new material all the time, and we produce a new hour-long members-only webinar every month. Webinars cover many topics, and as MND Life! members, you get to request what health and fitness topics we cover in the future!

Newsletters and eBooks

Our popular monthly newsletter Against the Grain - you can access over three years of back issues in the library, plus new issues added every month. Your Portal also includes eBooks, The Weekly Weigh-In, blog posts, MND TV, exercise videos, MP3 audio downloads and more.

Community Support

Joining MND Life! offers you the support, motivation and  encouragement you need to help create permanent, lasting change in your life. We have our own super-active and supportive private Facebook Group, a friendly community of like-minded people, a safe place, free from judgement. 

Webinar sample - here's one...

This video shows you a short sample - just 11 minutes - from a members webinar so you can get some idea of the content inside MND Life!

This extract is from mid-2016, a webinar that was made as a handy 'beginners guide' to living the Mother Nature's Diet way.


  ...and here's another!

If you liked that 11-minute sample above, here is another sample for you to enjoy too!

Most of our full webinars are about an hour long. That's typical of our MND Life! monthly members webinar, usually around 60 to 70 minutes each month, with a few running longer if it's a huge topic to cover.



MND TV is a series of videos, they are unscripted 'Karl talks' that may last 5 minutes, or may run to an hour and a half! Most tend to be around half an hour.

Some episodes can be found on YouTube, other episodes are secured for MND Life! members only, in the password-protected Portal. Here is a sample of MND TV to give you some idea.


Against the Grain

Against the Grain is the monthly newsletter for the Mother Nature's Diet MND Life! community.

Offering you anything from 12 to 70 pages per month (don't worry, it's not normally that big! Most months it's around 16 to 20 pages), the newsletter digs deep into a topic and makes sense of the science and the practical steps for you.

Against the Grain is archived every month in the MND Life! Portal. As a member, you will have access to every issue written, covering a wealth of topics - meal planning, home workouts for all abilities, disease prevention, mindset, goal setting and much more.

Download a sample Against the Grain here by clicking on the image and check it out!

Your MND Life! subscription includes...

Join MND Life! today and you get...

✅ Access to archive, includes dozens of webinars, hours of videos, audio downloads, hundreds of pages of posts, newsletters and more

✅ New Member's Webinar every month - you get to suggest the topic too!

Against the Grain newsletter every month

✅ Portal includes complete 28-day 'Getting started' guide, that's 28 short daily videos talking New Members through making simple diet and lifestyle changes to start living the MND way 

✅ Membership to our extremely active and supportive closed, private Facebook Group (many members say this alone is why they are Members and is entirely worth the monthly membership cost!) 

✅ Direct access to Karl and the rest of the MND team and Members

✅ Community support and motivation - this is probably the main reason most people join!

✅ Ebooks and other downloads

✅ Exercise videos, from absolute beginners to advanced ability 

✅ New posts added every week

✅ Includes access to MND TV channel too 

✅ Regular physical meet-ups around the country for days out hiking in National Parks or out on the hills

Facebook community

We have a very active and supportive private Facebook Group for members only. Some members say the support and community-spirit of our Group is worth the monthly subscription fee on it's own!

Learn at your own pace

When you join MND Life! you will have a password protected account to access the Members Portal, shown in the Screen grab here. There are a dozen categories (areas) within the Portal, and each one clicks through to videos you can watch, PDF downloads, posts to read, audio (MP3) files you can download, and more.

It's all keyword searchable by tags and by topic to help you find what you are looking for. Samples of all this material can be found here on this page, just above! There is a 28-day beginners guide to help you get started - with a short, easy daily video talking you through some simple dietary and lifestyle changes.

"Best decision I ever made to subscribe to MND Life!"

- Mr F, Wales

"This is why I follow you and MND, Karl Whitfield I trust you to know what I need to know, without having to research it all for myself. I would not be able to do that as well as you even if I had the time and resources. I am a ‘big picture’ person not a detail person! So my monthly subscription is worth every penny – best value for money ever! Just need to ensure I stick to the 12 Core Principles! Thank you!"

- Jenny, Midlands

"MND Life! is only the cost of a 1 cup of (Costa or Starbucks) coffee a week, which is nothing for all that info help and support you get, to get and keep you in good health. Not counting the fabulous like-minded friends you meet too."

- Ms. T, UK

"Great Webinar Karl, didn’t know what to expect but very impressed!"

"I have suffered with irritable bowel syndrome for many, many years. I was told to eat fibre – given Fybogel from the doctor, etc., suffered with lots of painful cramps, bloating etc., going one day being constipated, the next loose. I follow MND and no bloating, and bowels are now normal. Happy days!"

- Mrs H, UK

"Just read this months ‘Against the Grain’. Fantastic read Karl!! Looking forward to part 2 and putting it all into action!!"

- Mrs H, Surrey

"I cannot tell you how much this group and its kindness is transforming my life at the moment. It is so simple and I’m so grateful, otherwise I could have spent my next decade getting it wrong, researching, over learning and over complicating everything. I’m feeling the changes and I’m feeling fantastic and I thank you x."

"Quitting sugar and alcohol (didn’t drink much anyway) has changed my life. Karl Whitfield changed my life, his MND and 12CP showed me the way and I followed x Thank you x"

- Mrs W, Midlands, UK

"If you haven’t signed up for it you really should, it’s not expensive if you spend money on gossip mags, replace them with ‘Against the Grain’ it is much more inspiring! Looking forward to the webinar tomorrow too. Honestly if I had to cut down on my monthly outgoings my MND would be one of the last to go!"

- Mrs C, Lincolnshire

"Community membership brings huge benefits and in my opinion is well worth the very small outlay."

- C.T., London

"Just caught up with this month’s Members Webinar - that was worth my annual MND subscription in one hit!! Will be re-watching and taking notes - lots of things to take on board."

- Mrs Smith, Kent, UK

MND Life!

Support and belonging, come join like-minded souls who can help you achieve your weight loss goals and live the healthy life you desire.


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