MND Community Membership is the centre of the MND world. Please read this page to learn more about the benefits of Membership, which include a monthly newsletter called Against the Grain (sample below) and our popular monthly live webinars (sample below). Additionally, Members are invited to events and gatherings throughout the year, many are free meet-ups to walk in the countryside and make new friends with like-minded people, and as MND Community Members, you have access to your own password-secured Portal full of content to read and watch and further your learning about healthy living.

MND Community Membership

Mother Nature's Diet is all about adding years to your life and life to your years. MND is a lifestyle, it's a commitment to yourself, to take responsibility over your own health, to look after yourself, with a goal of being the best version of you that you can be. 

People who find our common sense approach resonates with them, and want to learn more and meet other like-minded souls, join the MND Community.

MND Community Membership offers you the ongoing education, motivation and support to keep learning and living the healthiest life you can. Books, studies and experts often point out that one of the keys to success in any lifestyle change is having ongoing support. Indeed, one of the key reasons a lot of 'diets' and 'programs' and health or fitness regimes ultimately fail is a lack of ongoing support. All too often, someone will buy a book or sign up to a program, like the 30-day plan for this or the 12-week plan for that, and they get the weight loss results or improved fitness they are looking for within that period of time, but then when the program has finished, they slowly let things slip, old habits return and all-too-often the weight goes back on.

Ongoing support is the key to long term success. Researchers have studied people who have lost weight on 'diet programs' and observed that a key difference between those who enjoy long-term permanent success and those who regain their lost weight, is often ongoing support and motivation. 

We find that many people lack supportive encouragement at home, or sometimes face active discouragement in the workplace or among friends, and this can make it very hard to stick with dietary and lifestyle changes long enough for them to become easy, effortless habits.

It's hard to avoid the cakes, the sweets and the booze for long enough to become relaxed about it and enjoy all the benefits, and nothing makes that harder than the other people around you trying to put you off your quest for better health.

MND Community Membership offers you that ongoing support. For a small monthly cost you get to enjoy our monthly newsletter sent directly to your inbox, our monthly members-only webinar, you get access to the Members Portal loaded with content to read, watch and listen to, and you get invited to join us at Members-only events, meet ups and fun trips. You can see some images from the Portal in the little 'image carousel' just beside this text. Within the Portal, and at events, and in our own private Facebook Group, you get to meet other MND Members, people like you, who share your goals for better health and are keen to support you and share in your success.

We also have Members-only meet-ups throughout the year. We have "MND Walk 'n' Talk days" when we tend to meet in national parks for walks or at well-known national trails, enjoying the countryside and networking with like-minded people in a safe, relaxed, fun environment. Many Members absolutely love these meet-ups, and over the last few years we have hiked trails, climbed a few mountains and many new friendships have been made.

These free Members-only events have even led to an annual MND Summer Camp, a few days as a group camping, where we take on various optional activities such as pony trekking, gorge walking and rock climbing! It will encourage you to exercise, to spend time outside in nature, to relax and get away from stress and to push your personal comfort zones trying something new.

Watch this video to learn a little more about MND Community Membership.

MND Community Membership costs just £20 per month, and for your money you receive our monthly newsletter Against the Grain, and you get to join our monthly webinars. All previous editions of Against the Grain and all previous Members Webinars are available archived in the Members Portal, along with additional ebooks, videos, downloads, exercise videos, audio files, recipes and more.

If you would like to look at an edition of Against the Grain, please click here to download a free sample.

If you would like to watch one of our webinars to get an idea of what they are like, we have prepared a sample for you here. This first video shows you a sample, an 11-minute extract from one of our webinars (this one was a 'beginners guide to MND' which seems appropriate) and if you would like to watch the entire hour-long webinar, please see the link below this video.

That 11-minute extract came from a full 1 hour long webinar, if you would like to watch the whole webinar, please click here and you can watch the whole thing for free.

To see what existing Members say about MND Community Membership, please click here to read their testimonials.

“Community membership brings huge benefits and in my opinion is well worth the very small outlay.”
“It is only the cost of a 1 cup of (Costa or Starbucks) coffee a week, which is nothing for all that info help and support you get, to get and keep you in good health. Not counting the fabulous like-minded friends you meet too.”
“This month’s newsletter is once again brilliant."
“I cannot tell you how much this group and its kindness is transforming my life at the moment. It is so simple and I’m so grateful, otherwise I could have spent my next decade getting it wrong, researching, over learning and over complicating everything. I’m feeling the changes and I’m feeling fantastic and I thank you x.”

If you want to be the best version of you that you can be, we would love you to join us, and we feel confident that the continued education, motivation and community support will help you change your lifestyle and your diet for the better.

MND Community Membership costs just £20 GBP per month, VAT inclusive, and there is no minimum tie in or lock in membership period. If you decide at some point in the future that you wish to leave, just let us know and cancel your payment.


Members get a monthly newsletter, a monthly webinar, access to our password-protected Portal, access into our MND Members only Facebook Group, discounts on MND live seminars and workshops and invitations to Members-only meet ups, trips and special events.


Come join us, and let's make progress together.


Personal one-to-one help

MND Community Membership is a great commitment to yourself, a great way to meet new like-minded souls and push yourself to implement healthier lifestyle habits and an improved diet. However, some people find they want more. Some people benefit from personal attention, maybe as a 'kick start' to break bad habits and make rapid progress, or maybe because they know they can make better progress if they have some personal guidance and someone to be accountable to. If you are one of those people, if you feel you would benefit from the additional encouragement, then personal mentoring or personal coaching may be just what you are looking for.


Personal mentoring

A weekly chat by phone, Skype or email with our Founder, Karl, and personal help with attaining your health goals. Karl will help guide you to find the right dietary and lifestyle choices for you, to help you get to where you want to be as quickly as possible.

Mentoring costs £160 per month on an open-ended agreement. Limited spaces are available.
Please email for terms and availability.


Elite personal coaching

Work directly with our Founder, Karl, to achieve your personal best health. Karl is a fully qualified Personal Trainer, nutrition expert and experienced coach, and can tailor a package directly to meet your personal needs. Packages can include written diet plans, tailored exercise plans, one-to-one exercise sessions, coaching calls and more, all dependent on your needs.

Please email for terms and availability and waiting time to join.


For existing MND Community Members - if you need to make a miscellaneous payment for MND branded clothing, event tickets or payments for Group activities such as Summer Camp, please use this donate button to complete your purchase by card. Once you know how much you need to pay, just click the button below, set the amount and then complete your payment. Thank you!