This 3-day workshop offers you a truly immersive experience. Some previous attendees described it as "like being on a short health retreat" and others have described it as "the best weekend I have ever had" and "absolutely life changing". 

Over a full 3-day weekend (Friday to Sunday) you will make new friends, learn more than you expect, laugh hard, and maybe cry, face truths, see myths exploded, learn new ways to exercise (whatever your level of ability) and learn about truly nourishing foods - and even gain hands-on experience preparing those meals.

Making sense of health and wellbeing

We invite you to come and spend 3 days with Karl and other like-minded souls who enjoy the Mother Nature's Diet way of living, come and immerse yourself in our healthy world and together we can progress you further along your personal journey to your best health ever.

Your weekend

We have 3 amazing days planned, packed full of education and motivation. Our 3 full days together will be fully supported, you will get drinks, refreshments and lunch every days, and also each day our own Personal Trainer Stuart will take us through a daily workout, designed to challenge you in new ways, whatever level of fitness you are, complete novice or seasoned fitness fan, Stuart will bring you something new and different. 

We all know what to do…but we don’t always do what we know 

All too often, ensuring we have 'the education' is really only half the story. That is to say, we all know that we should be eating the right healthy whole foods, abstaining from too many bad habits like junk food and excess alcohol consumption, and we should be making time to exercise every day, but in so many cases, we are not doing it. So we know what to do, we just don't do what we know. For so many of us, motivation is the missing piece of the puzzle. 

Motivation doesn’t always mean leaping around grinning like a Cheshire cat rushing from one thing to the next, permanently smiling and bubbly. Often times motivation simply means having the discipline to workout even when you don't really feel like it, or it means not giving in to weak moments, not allowing yourself to be distracted from the pursuit of your long-term goals, when short-term hassles come along and upset your day. Being motivated means being associated to your goals, and sticking at it, even when the going gets tough.

Our first day together is all about identifying, writing down and developing your own personal motivation.

Where the action happens - the 12 Core Principles of Mother Nature's Diet

Having looked at ‘your reason why’ on Day One, during our second day together we will focus on practical details of good nutrition by looking in detail at gut health and the causes of disease. Over the course of Day Two, we will also expose a number of the myths and sales tricks in the diet, health, nutrition and fitness markets that are trying to sell you supplements and gimmicks rather than actually help you to find the best of your own good health.

Holistic good health

On Day Three, we look at the bigger picture, how your motivation, diet and lifestyle all come together, to help you to identify your own personal strengths and weaknesses. This day will find those problem areas for you, and plan the best way for you to overcome those challenges. Throughout the day, we will help you develop your own plan for going forward, focused on your own priorities. 

By the end of these 3 days, you will have identified goals, associated with your motivations, made sense of your diet, learned ways to exercise, identified your own personal strengths and weaknesses and put everything together into a plan to take you forward to personal best health ever your.

Over the whole weekend, we will address many of the health topics that regularly come under discussion in health groups and forums – what is leaky gut, how much alcohol is acceptable in a healthy lifestyle, should I be a vegetarian, what are the links between my diet and my mental health, should we consume dairy, what about red wine, dark chocolate, and how many eggs can I eat in a week!

AGENDA for your weekend

Obviously some details may vary depending on the exact date and location of each workshop. Broadly speaking, the content of your weekend is delivered over 3 days of 9am to 5pm in a comfortable, top quality hotel conference facility. Optional extras include early morning walks before breakfast, optional additional exercise, and use of hotel facilities such as pool or sauna. For example, many guests come to the hotel on the Thursday evening before we start, for an informal relaxing dinner. 


Start: Friday 13th October 2017 

8:45 – arrival and registration. Please allow time for parking, we will be serving hot and cold drinks on your arrival, from 8:30, and your day will start with a friendly ‘meet and greet’ and a brief introduction to our plans for the 3 days, starting at 9am. Free parking is available at the hotel and conference venue. 

Day One - Friday 13th Oct

  • Your 'reason why'
  • Growing your comfort zones
  • Creating your vision for your future – how robust good health and abundant natural energy will help you as the foundation of all that you do
  • Overcoming apathy – a global killer!

Day Two - Saturday 14th Oct

Stuart Humber of MND Fitness

Stuart Humber of MND Fitness

  • Review Day One
  • Gut health
  • Leaky gut and why gut health is so important for disease prevention
  • Busting myths and avoiding the marketing lies in health and nutrition

Day Three - Sunday 15th Nov

  • Your Wheel of Health as a personal road map
  • Identify your strengths and weakness, so we can focus on working on those areas that need it most
  • Create specific goals to work on

Each day... 

Midday: Late morning, we will take a break and change into comfortable clothes and Stuart will lead us through an exercise session, which will be designed in a way that suits everyone, at every level of strength or fitness. So whether you are a complete stranger to exercise, or as fit as a fiddle, Stuart and Karl will ensure that you get a workout that is appropriate for you, and as testing as you want it to be. 

1pm to 2pm (Time approx.) Lunch – After our workout, and a chance to freshen up, a healthy nutritious lunch will be provided. All your food and drink over the weekend will be provided by our wonderful and amazing super-chef-juicer Trish, who has spent the last 18 years running juice bars and cooking amazing, healthy, delicious, nutritious food for many thousands of people all over the UK, Europe and Australia. 

Lunch will be based on healthy salads, with chicken, fish and hard boiled eggs, and delicious healthy dips, and there will be vegetarian options, and no bread or sugar or rubbish! 

Trish Tucker-May will be providing all our wonderful food and drinks

Trish Tucker-May will be providing all our wonderful food and drinks

Throughout the whole event, hot drinks, water and juice shots will be provided, to keep you refreshed, energised and full of vitamins and minerals!

We will finish at 5pm or soon after each day, so that we all have time to use the hotel facilities that are available. For all guests staying at the hotel, we can use the pool, sauna and steam room for a little active relaxation while we reflect on our day.  

“Oh my, put on a swimming costume in front of my new MND friends!!! But I’m so big, I’m overweight, they’ll see my man boobs, my beer belly, my love handles…I’m out of shape, I have bingo wings, I’ve had several babies, I have cellulite!!!!!” – Yes, we know that you may be thinking these things! Relax, you are among friends, and no one is judging you, and this weekend workshop is designed to challenge you and stretch your comfort zones remember! So bring your swimwear and relax, it's all part of the fun.

7:30pm - After a break and time to relax and freshen up in your room, those who wish to can enjoy an informal evening meal in the hotel restaurant from around 7:30pm, with an aim to finish early and get to bed at 10pm, to give you a healthy, nourishing 8 hours peaceful, restorative sleep - something important that most of us skip far too often!

Early Saturday and Sunday morning

6:30am – Meet in reception for a gentle morning walk outside before breakfast. This is optional, for those committed to getting the best possible start to your day. Breakfast will be provided in the hotel restaurant as part of your overnight accomodation, for those people booked in to the venue hotel. 

See what people said who attended this event before - click here for feedback from the MND Intensive Workshop

Your whole weekend will be full of education and motivation, in a fun environment, mixing laughter with learning. For three days you will be immersed in an environment of health education and mental stimulation among like-minded friends, and all accompanied by fantastic healthy nutritious food, daily activities and exercise.

You will learn new ways to fuel your body and mind for more abundant healthy living, and you will gain a deeper understanding of all the elements of your lifestyle that affect your health. With supreme good health and a balanced natural approach at the core of all you do, every aspect of your life will benefit from your glowing good health and abundant natural energy.

Your weekend of holistic healthy living will give you with a personalised learning experience to help you go further on your journey with Mother Nature's Diet towards being the best version of you that you can be.

Here is Karl, taking a few minutes to explain to you what the MND Intensive Workshop is all about. If you are interested in this life-changing workshop, please take 5 minutes out of your day to watch this video.


Your 3-day MND Intensive Workshop in October 2017 will be at the Hellidon Lakes Hotel, Sp and Golf Resort near Daventry in Northamptonshire, conveniently close to the M1 and M40 London and the Midlands, a very convenient and central location. The hotel and conference centre is set in beautiful grounds, and there is ample free parking. All 3 days are hosted by Karl Whitfield, founder of Mother Nature's Diet. Booking your hotel accomodation (bedroom) and paying for your evening meal are your own additional expenses. This weekend offers fantastic value for money. We offer a complete money back guarantee.
Please order your ticket using the link below here.

Adult ticket, 3-day MND Intensive Workshop, Hellidon Lakes, Oct 2017

Location: Hellidon Lakes hotel, spa and golf resort, near Daventry, UK

Date: Friday, 13th October 2017, 9am to Sunday, 15th October 2017, 5pm

Details: hot drinks, cold drinks, all lunches, snacks, exercise and activities all included, all day, every day. Guest accomodation and evening dinners at your own additional cost

See what other people say about this outstanding weekend event: 

“Thanks so much for this weekend Karl. I can honestly say it’s the best event I’ve ever attended. Really quite life changing. I just can’t stop smiling! As you know I’ve worked in the pharma industry and in medical research all my adult life (over 20 years). I listen to professors , doctors and experts talk about their research on a daily basis, their theories and their answers. Never have I seen someone join up the dots like you do. 
You know your stuff Karl. You debunk myths in a way I’ve never seen even a doctor with 30 years of expertise do, because you join up the dots. Honestly Karl. If I could ‘bottle you’ and have you speak at every medical seminar in the land I would…hell if I could bottle you and have you speak to every doctor in the land it would change the face of healthcare. You have such passion and drive. The world needs to get back to the basics of life and hear your message. Thanks Karl. You are a true force to behold.” – Dr T, UK. PhD in Pharmacology.
“This is the best weekend I have EVER had. Seriously. Yes I’ve had great weekends but this beats them all, because it’s life-changing!”
“Life changing, I came with questions and decisions that I needed to make, and I found the answers. Feeling completely different about life and feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I knew this seminar would help me and it surely did. You NEVER fail to deliver Karl! x” – Mrs V, Midlands, UK.
“Awesome!” – Mrs H, London.
“Fast, dynamic and fun!”
“Everything was brilliant.”
“My words won’t do justice to this weekend’s “Ready, Willing and Able” intensive seminar. I thought the 1-day seminar was great (so I did it twice), but this….this just blew it out of the park. My comfort zones were stretched, both mentally and physically. My mind was blown several times. All I can say is I really want to change my life and you've given me everything I need to accomplish it. Karl gave his usual 150%, the man is unstoppable – I love him because of his energy, enthusiasm and love. He is so generous with his knowledge, he wants to change the world."
“I have just arrived back home from the most amazing weekend I have ever invested my time in."

You can see video testimonials and read more feedback if you click here.



The ticket price shown covers all three days of the workshop, hot and cold drinks throughout the event, lunch each day, exercise sessions each day, car parking, Wi-Fi, pens and paper.

You can pay in 3 installments if that helps, to be completed by the time the event begins. Please email us for assistance. 

Your ticket price does not include your Friday and Saturday night hotel accommodation. Hellidon Lakes Hotel is a lovely hotel; you will need to book a room in order to stay overnight and join us for dinner and breakfast and to use the pool, sauna and steam room. Rooms at Hellidon Lakes start at around £70 per night for a double room with breakfast. Dinner on Friday and Saturday evening at Hellidon Lakes will be your only other additional cost. 

Please order your tickets now, to ensure you don't miss out. Please don't wait, spaces are limited by the size of the room, and we can only take a maximum of 20 people for this event, so order your tickets now. We are keeping this event small, between 12 and 20 people maximum, so that we can give you individual attention to help you get the very best from your experience.  

The small print:

There are no additional fees - the ticket prices shown above include booking fees and credit card fees and there are no further charges. You will need to book your hotel room separately. This will cost circa £80 per night for a standard double room, including breakfast. Your dinner in the hotel restaurant on Friday and Saturday night will also be charged on your room.

Of course, if you find that this event does not meet your expectations, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked. We feel very confident this will not happen. In fact, we are pretty certain that you will find this 3-day event to be an OUTSTANDING investment in yourself and the rest of your life.