Mother Nature's Diet: Introductory Course

No-nonsense, permanent, sustainable healthy living. All you need to know to start living the Mother Nature's Diet way and start reaping the benefits, presented to you in this easy-to-use, online, home-study video course.

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No more fad diets; cut the confusion and be the best version of you, with Mother Nature's Diet

If you have spent years searching for answers, trying to lose unwanted weight for good, and reading all the contradictory, conflicting stories in the papers about what foods are supposedly good for us, bad for us, or making us fat, then by now you are probably sick of it all and totally confused!

Well help is at hand! Cutting through the confusion, ditching the silly fads, and talking lashings of common-sense, the Mother Nature's Diet lifestyle is here to help you. 

Making sense of healthy living

Check out this short video that briefly explains what the Mother Nature's Diet online Introductory Course includes for you and how it all works. It's gimmick-free, it's straightforward, and it's everything you need to know to be the best, healthiest version of you ever.


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How it works...

Getting started with the Mother Nature's Diet Introductory Course is super simple.

First Step

Get signed up and you will get immediate access to your course. You can get started right away today. Access to this course is just a few clicks away!

Watch and learn at your own pace

There are videos to watch, some are 5 minutes, some are half-an-hour. You can learn at your own pace, incorporating the diet and lifestyle changes as you go.

Download the meal plans

The course includes two 7-Day meal plans and recipe guidance notes. The plans are simple, the meals are 'every-day food' not requiring fancy expensive ingredients or hours in your kitchen.

Support when you need it

Everything is explained in the Course, you can ask questions on any of the 'Lessons' and there are Action Plans to download and print to help you get started quickly and easily.

Online workout to follow

The Course includes a full workout you can do in real time while watching the video...and then download and print the workout to do again and again. Includes tips to make it easier, or harder as you get fitter. Suitable for all levels of ability.

Enjoy the results!

Weight loss, more energy, looking and feeling better, resisting the signs of ageing, living a preventive-medicine lifestyle... whatever you have come to Mother Nature's Diet looking for, you should start enjoying the benefits within a few days.

Exactly what you get inside this course...

✅ A total of 44 short 'lessons'...some will take just 3 minutes, a couple will take an hour, but most are 10 or 20 minutes each

✅ Course arranged in 7 Modules, plus 1 Module of free bonus material

✅ There are 31 videos to watch, and 2 further free extra videos in the bonus section

✅ A total of 9.5 hours of material (video) plus an additional 1.5 hours in the bonus Module

✅ Includes 2 complete 7-day meal plans to download

✅ The recipes are basic, purposefully so, the goal here is quick-and simple, every-day fare, nothing too fancy

✅ Complete guided workout, made up of 3 videos: how to stretch and warm-up; how to do the 11 exercises used in the workout; and the workout itself

✅ For all abilities - the workout can be adjusted to any level of strength or fitness, the video explains how!

✅ Clear and easy to follow, the 12 Core Principles of Mother Nature's Diet are explained in plain common-sense English

✅ No fad diet mentality, no calorie-counting or tracking your macros

✅ Every section is supported with downloadable Summaries you can print 

✅ Action Plans to download and print to help you get started immediately

✅ Bonus material - there is an additional free webinar, a sample newsletter and more

✅ Once you are enrolled, your membership does not expire in a week or a month or a year! You stay enrolled on the course indefinitely and go back over it as many times as you like!

Take a look inside...

This short video shows you a sample of what you get inside the Mother Nature's Diet Introductory Course.


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Mother Nature's Diet Introductory Course

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All you need to know to learn about the Mother Nature's Diet lifestyle and to get you started on your way to a health...

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"I’d tried paleo, LCHF, considered raw, vegan, not to mention a decade of weight watchers, slimming world and none of it made any sense. All contradicting each other and often within their own ‘rules’. MND 12 Core Principle’s are the way to go – Karl has made them so simple to follow! "

- Mrs S, Kent

"I am using your diet to try and improve my chronic asthma; only 2 weeks in and already I see an improvement."

- Martina

"Thought I would share this to celebrate!!! Dropped a dress size in 2 weeks!!!!! And can now wear skinny jeans!!!! Am soooooooo happy!!!!!!!"

- Rose, UK

"I have lost 5lbs in one week just by following MND and home workouts. I cannot believe it! My stomach has really gone down. I’ve stopped the bread and stuck to the 12 Core Principles. I still cannot believe it. Just having more energy is awesome!"

– Ms R, London

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