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Would you like to receive our free weekly newsletter, The Weekly Weigh-In, delivering simple common-sense health advice to you in one easy-to-read weekly email? We think most people are suffering 'information overload' these days, drowning in too many emails, too much news, too many things to read. We don't want to add to that overload! A lot of companies are out there mailing you daily, we think that's too much. If you would like us to stay in touch with you, we'll just drop you The Weekly Weigh-In once a week, including news, views, announcements and more. No hard sell, not too much to read, absolutely no spam.

A large part of the whole ethos of Mother Nature's Diet is to offer you a lifestyle that takes the confusion and complexity out of healthy living, so we send out a free, brief, email newsletter once per week, that you can opt out of any time you feel you have had enough. The Weekly Weigh-In newsletter offers you links to the most interesting or relevant health news of the week, exercise tips and words of motivation and encouragement. The content varies every week, sometimes it might cover disease prevention, sometimes gardening tips for growing your own fruit and veg, and sometimes it might cover longevity and resisting the signs of ageing.

Every issue will be short, simple and honest - you won't need a PhD in nutrition to understand it and you won't be bombarded with daily sales emails - we hate spam just as much as you do. If we want to tell you about an upcoming seminar or a new book release, we'll pop it on the bottom of the newsletter for you with a link to find out more if you're interested.

"…my hubby … was sceptical at first but has been eating nearly the same as me and has lost half a stone, now he’s singing your praises!! I’ve lost just about a stone…[in a month]"

"MND really does work!"

– Ms R, London

"Great Day. Cannot recommend Karl’s seminar enough. Walked away with so much information and totally fired up. That guy is awesome and he walks the talk! "

– Ms C, UK

"It's a good read and I'm 5lb down already and I haven't even finished the book yet!"

- Ms. G, South East

"Absolutely great day, learned so much. Would recommend it to everyone! Thanks Karl Whitfield. It was a great seminar, well worth the journey. I’m looking forward to doing the homework and making some changes!"

– Mr Smith, Glasgow.

"I’ve been following the MND lifestyle for 4 weeks today – lots of positive changes including over 7lbs lost."

- Mr J, South West

"Hey Karl , I can’t thank you enough for showing me the errors of my ways , and shining the torch of reality straight to where I should be . Thanks to you, over the last 9 months I’ve lost over 2 1/2 stone, I’m enjoying life again, and I’ve developed the habit of doing loads of walking."

– Mr.S, Midlands, UK

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