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Mother Nature's Diet - the lifestyle

“Hi Karl, I’ve suffered years of deteriorating bowel function, and all the associated discomfort and misery that comes with it. Over the years, my doctors gave me various drugs, but in the last year things reached an all-time-low and I was only able to manage a bowel movement about once every 4 weeks. Eventually my doctors recommended surgery to remove my bowel completely, and fit a colostomy bag for the rest of my life. As I understand, this would also mean taking drugs regularly for the rest of my life too.

I asked my doctor for some time to think. I found MND, bought your book on Amazon, and followed what it says. In just three of four months I feel like a new woman! My bowels now move approximately every other day and I feel a million times better. My doctors can’t believe it, they say I no longer need surgery and I am absolutely delighted, things are continuing to get better all the time.” - Mrs R, South East

“I have lost 5lbs in one week just by following MND and home workouts. I cannot believe it! My stomach has really gone down. I’ve stopped the bread and stuck to the 12 Core Principles. I still cannot believe it. Just having more energy is awesome!” – Ms R, London, UK

"Thank you for MND. I’ve only done 3 days and feel much better already. It’s very simple too. I thought I was already eating healthily but couldn’t lose any weight. The ‘no grains’ makes sense and is definitely making a difference." - Mrs S, South East

"Hi Karl,

I felt the need to share some feedback with you.
I was recommended the MND lifestyle by a mutual friend **** ******. I was suffering badly with bloating, sickness, fatigue, painful gall stones and falling apart. My Dr referred me for scans and it turns out I had gallstones, and very painful ones!! I had to avoid fats and spices. I was also referred to a surgeon to have my gall bladder taken out and my digestive system would never be the same again. I knew something else wasn't quiet right and after lots of reading I believed it was my gut bacteria was out of balance.

***** recommended the MND lifestyle so I downloaded your book and took each step on board. I have to say it was the best thing I have ever done. Within 10 days my facial skin had improved, my energy was up, I was more focused, more productive at work and back to enjoying meals and lifestyle being able to go out of the house not worrying where the nearest toilet was!

8 weeks on I feel totally in control, the 90/10 rule has helped a lot. Not that I broke the rules occasionally but it meant I didn't feel guilty when I was stuck and there was no other option or I fancied a treat. I have since been told I am managing the condition perfectly and no longer need the surgery!! This is awesome news to me, my family and friends. I've never been in hospital for treatment and didn't want to go down that route. All swelling and pain has gone and so long as I keep it up I'm in control. Thank you so much for all the advice and encouragement. My life has changed in such a short space of time, I am recommending it to everyone I meet!

Keep up the great work and thank you so much once again.
Best wishes," - Ms S, North West

“Hey Karl, I was grossly overweight for some years, suffering from ulcerative colitis, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, felt tired much of the time, and I had no libido. Sadly, I had not felt the desire for sex, not enjoyed "healthy firm function", and basically not had sex for a decade. My wife started following MND after buying your book, and recommended that I give it a go (to lose weight and have more energy). After following MND, I have now lost a total of 7 stone, my colitis is massively improved, I have reduced my medications as no longer have high blood pressure or diabetes and I feel better and have more energy. Additionally, and quite unexpectedly, my libido and function have returned and my wife and I are enjoying regular sex again every week. We are both delighted!” - Mr H, East Anglia

“Tomorrow morning my partner has told me that we are stepping up the game and having mackerel with our eggs and broccoli. I have tried for 14 years to get him to look at dietary habits and Karl Whitfield does it in 1 day! Well worth the money.” – Mr R, Midlands

“After the seminar…I dropped about 3kg immediately since I eat no grains.” – Mrs R, Norwich, UK

"Love your work Karl, you taught me how to use my diet to help me and I cannot thank you enough for that! The effort you put in is so inspiring!" - Mr F, Northern Ireland

“I would urge anyone who thinks this diet/way of life is restrictive to do what I did and start with just a small manageable time period to see how you feel afterwards. I guarantee that you will notice a major difference in your body, your health and it won’t seem as restrictive as before, but instead you will discover a new lease of life. I will be doing more and more 4 week periods, until I do more of them than I do more of the bad eating. Thanks for the hard work that goes into MND. It is highly appreciated.” – Mr F, Ireland

“I’m down a dress size in two weeks as I’m no longer bloated and sluggish. My anaemia is no longer tiring me out so much in the day!!!! I’m sticking to this!!”

“I am feeling great!!! Just done a 10 mile hike with a friend and my pace has quickened even more and dropped another dress size (2 now) and I feel fab!!!! Yes you can quote me!! I’m sooooo happy!!!”  – Ms. K, UK

“15 weeks in 1 and half stone lost… apparently, so I’m told, I’ve lost it from my back and love handles, neck and face.” – Mr P, Midlands

“Listen to Karl! I decided last weekend to cut all the rubbish out of my shopping list, my trolley never has looked so healthy. I weighed myself today and I’m 6lbs lighter and I’ve eaten loads this week, not felt hungry and am determined never to follow any weight loss programme again, just healthy eating and exercise and no sugar!:)” – Ms. C, UK

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Live seminars and workshops

Feedback received from attendees of our brilliant 1-day seminar and the MND Intensive 3-day workshop.

"Had an absolutely amazing day at the MotherNaturesDiet seminar today! Karl was absolutely incredible, I have never seen a human being have so much energy and then some! He could have gone on for a month! When you see the guy in the flesh it’s impossible to question what he teaches! Do yourself and your family and friends a favour and get your butts down to one of his seminars this year, you will not be disappointed!" – Mr B, Stevenage

"Great fun. Hugely enjoyable. Karl is an engaging and charismatic presenter with a persuasive message. Loved his passion and desire to altruistically help humanity and the planet. More power to you!" – Mrs L, Scientific Journal Editor, UK

"Great Day. Cannot recommend Karl’s seminar enough. Walked away with so much information and totally fired up. That guy is awesome and he walks the talk!" – Ms C, London

“Thanks so much for this weekend Karl. I can honestly say it’s the best event I’ve ever attended. Really quite life changing. I just can’t stop smiling! As you know I’ve worked in the pharma industry and in medical research all my adult life (over 20 years). I listen to professors, doctors and experts talk about their research on a daily basis, their theories and their answers. Never have I seen someone join up the dots like you do. 
You know your stuff Karl. You debunk myths in a way I’ve never seen even a doctor with 30 years of expertise do, because you join up the dots. Honestly Karl. If I could ‘bottle you’ and have you speak at every medical seminar in the land I would…hell if I could bottle you and have you speak to every doctor in the land it would change the face of healthcare. You have such passion and drive. The world needs to get back to the basics of life and hear your message. Thanks Karl. You are a true force to behold.” – Dr T, UK. PhD in Pharmacology

“This is the best weekend I have EVER had. Seriously. Yes I’ve had great weekends but this beats them all, because it’s life-changing!” - Mrs R, UK South East

“Life changing, I came with questions and decisions that I needed to make, and I found the answers. Feeling completely different about life and feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I knew this seminar would help me and it surely did. You NEVER fail to deliver Karl! x” – Mrs V, Midlands, UK

"Excellent – very informative and inspirational. Great networking with other like-minded people, very sociable day, I would definitely recommend it to anyone." – Attendee, 1-day seminar, London

“Awesome!” – Mrs H, London

“Tomorrow morning my partner has told me that we are stepping up the game and having mackerel with our eggs and broccoli. I have tried for 14 years to get him to look at dietary habits and Karl Whitfield does it in 1 day! Well worth the money.” – Mr R, Midlands

“Fast, dynamic and fun!”

"Karl shows great passion for the subject and is inspirational in helping people change their lives for the better." – Mr P, Personal Trainer, Oxford

“Everything was brilliant.”

“My words won’t do justice to this weekend’s “Ready, Willing and Able” intensive seminar. I thought the 1-day seminar was great (so I did it twice), but this….this just blew it out of the park. My comfort zones were stretched, both mentally and physically. My mind was blown several times. All I can say is I really want to change my life and you've given me everything I need to accomplish it. Karl gave his usual 150%, the man is unstoppable – I love him because of his energy, enthusiasm and love. He is so generous with his knowledge, he wants to change the world." - Mr H, Staffs

“I have just arrived back home from the most amazing weekend I have ever invested my time in."

"Just brilliant! I knew it would be good but it was even better than expected!" – Mrs H, Edinburgh

"He’s changed my life I can tell you!! x” - Mrs W, Midlands

“On the way home from Karl’s 1-day MND Seminar. My second time and once again a phenomenally great, fun-filled day full of inspiration. I was reminded of why I came home from the Leamington Spa seminar last July and pretty much changed my life, emptying my kitchen cupboards of grains, cutting out the crap and ditching a dead-end job. I am so glad I made those decisions and there’s lots more to come." - Mrs R, UK

“Absolutely great day, learned so much. Would recommend it to everyone! Thanks Karl Whitfield. It was a great seminar, well worth the journey. I’m looking forward to doing the homework and making some changes!” – Mr Smith, Glasgow

“Brilliant seminar, thank you Karl. x” – Mr & Mrs V, Norwich

“Fabulous day thank you so much Karl Whitfield” – Mr T, Midlands, UK

“Amazing day, amazing people. I didn’t want the day to end!” – Mr B, UK

"Having an awesome day here at the seminar with Karl Whitfield and the gang. Amazing energy in the room and everyone is being fired up. Time is passing way too quickly and I can’t wait to get further fueled up after lunch. This man knows his shit and he is on Fire today. Seriously People, get yourselves signed up for the next seminar , It is just too good to miss. So glad that I have come here today." – Ms C, UK

“Given me so much food for thought and highlighted areas of my health I need to address”

“I learned so much, again! Got inspired, motivated and met lovely people!! Can’t wait for the weekend MND  Intensive Workshop!!"

“Awesome day!!!! Fact-filled, intense, fun and a great atmosphere. Huge thanks, Karl, and also to everyone else who contributed. So nice to meet a lot of my FB MND friends in person as well!! It’s got me even more excited for the MND Intensive weekend workshop!”

“You are a legend Karl! Infinite gratitude!”

“Fabulous day, lots of fantastic information x”

“Learning tons at the full day seminar with Mother Nature's Diet”

“It was brilliant as always!”

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Mother Nature's Diet - the book!

"If you care about yourself, if you want to be the best you can then you need to buy this book, it's not just a way to eat well but also a way to live your life well too ... it will be the best investment in You that you can ever make!" - Mrs V, France

"This book is clearly written with passion and integrity, masses of commonsense, a framework of experience and thorough research, and packed with real-life constructive suggestions. If you want to change your life and health for the better, I can only strongly recommend that you buy it, read it and implement it; it's the best £9 you will ever spend." - Mrs T, Norwich 

"It's a good read and I'm 5lb down already and I haven't even finished the book yet!" - Ms G, South East

"What I love about this book is the fact that it’s not selling you any diet but instead it gives you a clear and simple understanding of “how to eat” . It’s the missing link between academic books and commercial ones.
The author has simplified many scientific concepts and studies making this book easy and pleasant to read.
This is definitely one of my favourite book on healthy eating and life style. I absolutely loved it."
- Mr G, London

"Hi Karl, I just wanted to say, I just finished your MND book, absolutely brilliant, I ended up reading a lot of it out loud to my partner...
"Here **** listen to this..." and off I'd go ha ha.
First year I've grown my own veg, chuffed to bits with that.
Thanks for the book and your abundance of knowledge that you share, it's really appreciated.
Looking at doing your online course next..."
- Mr P, Midlands

"I wanted to crack on with discovering MND... love the no-nonsense, common-sense and pep-talk style - accessible, and am aiming for 'progress, not perfection' ... thanks, Karl!" - Mrs G, East Anglia

"Read it cover to cover in a day while travelling. Perfect, just the kick up the backside that I needed." - Mr D, South West

"The things I love about this book:
It is filled with sensible, well-researched info.
It is written in such a (no nonsense) way there is no excuse for not getting it.
There's no flannel or pretence - get over it and on with it.
It firmly puts the reader in control of, and responsible for his/her own destiny ie weight loss.
It works.
Karl is a sensible level headed guy who is totally passionate about his subject. He definitely knows his onions and if he doesn't he will tell you so, then go and research it. If you really want to get healthy and lose weight then this is for you. It is not for anyone seeking a quick fix or an ego stroke. You are accountable. Off you pop!" - Msalhalli, Amazon Reviewer

I'm 5lb down already...

...and I haven't even finished reading the book yet.

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MND Life! membership

Feedback from members of our MND Life! subscription community.

“Best decision I ever made to subscribe to MND” – Mr F, Wales

“Community membership brings huge benefits and in my opinion is well worth the very small outlay.”

“It is only the cost of a 1 cup of (Costa or Starbucks) coffee a week, which is nothing for all that info help and support you get, to get and keep you in good health. Not counting the fabulous like-minded friends you meet too.”

“This month’s newsletter is once again brilliant."

“Just caught up with this month’s Members Webinar - that was worth my annual MND subscription in one hit!!  Will be re-watching and taking notes - lots of things to take on board.” - Mrs S, Kent

“I cannot tell you how much this group and its kindness is transforming my life at the moment. It is so simple and I’m so grateful, otherwise I could have spent my next decade getting it wrong, researching, over learning and over complicating everything. I’m feeling the changes and I’m feeling fantastic and I thank you x.”

"A member has access not only to the closed lovely supportive group, but the information is endless. The webinars, all our newsletters, information in general, all the research you have done. I have had all my health, weight and well-being questions answered by you and all that is written on the member’s website. It is just a ‘well of knowledge’ and information. Becoming a member is one of the best investments I have done! And for what, a few pence a day!!"

"If you haven’t signed up for it you really should, it’s not expensive if you spend money on gossip mags, replace them with ‘Against the Grain’ it is much more inspiring!
Looking forward to the webinar tomorrow too.
Honestly if I had to cut down on my monthly outgoings my MND would be one of the last to go!” – Mrs C, Lincolnshire

“I opened this up and started reading. Holy s*** this is the most informatively dense PDF I’ve ever read! You are a freaking powerhouse man. All your years of consolidating data now being applied to health is such a gift. Thank you for creating this. I want a print version to keep in the kitchen. I can’t read it all at once as my brain overflows!” – Mr M, Los Angeles

“This is why I follow you and MND, Karl Whitfield I trust you to know what I need to know, without having to research it all for myself. I would not be able to do that as well as you even if I had the time and resources. I am a ‘big picture’ person not a detail person! So my monthly subscription is worth every penny – best value for money ever! Just need to ensure I stick to the 12 Core Principles! Thank you!” – Jenny, Midlands

“Just read this months ‘Against the Grain’. Fantastic read Karl!! Looking forward to part 2 and putting it all into action!!” – Mrs. H, Surrey

“Great Webinar Karl, didn’t know what to expect but very impressed  xx”

“I had no idea what to expect…but loved it” 

“Karl, I have said that your goodness shines through and this post shows that. It is impossible not to be inspired by you and your passion, you are making a difference, YOU are making a difference to people’s lives – I can attest to that!” – Mrs V, Midlands

“Thank you, Karl, your energy and your drive is inspirational. x”

“The 'get a life' MND TV rant video is still one of if not my most favourite clips on the Internet lol” – Mr B, UK

"Great Against the Grain issue this month Karl – was late for work this afternoon as I got so absorbed in reading it!
Learning so much from MND – not only the information which is of course invaluable but about myself too…” – Mrs Smith, South East

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Pyrenees Mountain Retreat

"Wow, the MND mountain retreat was not only just hiking from dawn til dusk (well some of it was!) we still got time to chill by beautiful mountain lakes, watch flyovers from eagles, hike in the dark with head torches on (now that was fun) eat out and in (amazing homecooked, wholesome, nourishing food), soak our feet in a natural thermal spring, drink bowls of tea and coffee from mountain huts way up high, laugh, cry and have the best fun ever hanging out with like-minded peeps!" - Mrs W, Midland

“Another superb trip to the mountains with Karl, his attention to detail, safety and hard work shines through.  He takes us to the best places, secluded valleys with wild horses, pristine mountain lakes to swim in, rocky scrambling fun and views, oh views to die for. There are countless opportunities to test your fitness and challenge your comfort zones with both the variety of hiking and additional activities. On these trips I feel properly ALIVE. What a blast - the memories will keep me smiling for a lifetime along with the friendships formed.” - Mrs S, Kent

“Hiking in the Pyrenees... I truly had no idea what I was letting myself in for. My friend said it'll be fun!!!... I really hadn't given it much thought. I  was apprehensive and had never done anything like this plus I'd never even met these people before. Via Ferrata, I'll give that a miss I thought, don't like heights. Canyoning, jumping into water, I'll have a look I thought. Boy oh boy, what an amazing 7 days, jammed packed from morning to night, what a thrill and I did it all! The views, peace and tranquillity was therapy I really needed and the more I had the more I wanted.

Karl has made it all so easy for us with organising every part of the process. The flights, transfers, Gite, hut accommodation, via ferrata, canyoning, meals out, but most importantly his experience which made us all feel confident and safe. His infectious enthusiasm for the mountains made you want more. The banter, the laughs, the friends for life was unforgettable. A magical experience I'll never forget. I cannot thank you enough for putting this altogether to allow us to experience a true adventure. Thank you.” - Mrs M, South East

"...our unique Pyrenees adventure. Karl worked morning, noon and night (quite literally) looking after us and giving us the most amazing retreat!" - Mrs R, Wilts

"With views like these and more, who wouldn't want to do a Mountain Retreat. Thank you Karl for delivering a fantastic week of great hikes, beautiful views and great company. Would gladly do it all over again and will highly recommend it to all other MND'ers for future outings such as this. Its a one of a kind experience and brings one closer to Nature! A big thumbs up for all the organizing behind this amazing week in the Pyrenees! It was totally worth it, great bunch of folks, great hikes and fantastic views!" - Mr T, Hants 

“Fantastic trip from beginning to end. Karl thought of everything to make this trip extra special. The memories will last a lifetime. The food was amazing, the views outstanding, the organisation spot on. You’re definitely in safe hands. If you love mountains, nature and adventure you will never regret a week in Karl’s company.” - Mrs H, South East

“The Pyrenees trip was fantastic from start to finish. Stunning mountain scenery, fantastic companions and amazing home-cooked food. Couldn’t have been better, Karl worked his socks off to organise everything before and during the trip and it paid off big time, thank you.” – Ms C, South West

“Wow, what an incredible experience, physically challenging and pushing comfort zones in the most beautiful, peaceful French valley's. Karl is always there guiding and offering a helping hand, worth every penny.” - Mrs W, Burton

"Shhhh don’t tell everyone how wonderful an experience it was and how fab Karl is at organising such a wonderful trip x Lovely, lovely time away in the beautiful Pyrenees with lovely, lovely MND folk." - Ms H, Norfolk 

“Thoroughly enjoyed my week with Karl and the gang in the French Pyrenees. The location was stunning, the Gite was homely and beautiful and the home-cooked food was delicious. I certainly pushed some personal limits and very proud that I did. Karl made it a week to remember and I will be back for more.” - Mrs W, South Wales

Mountain Retreat


“I’d tried paleo, LCHF, considered raw, vegan, not to mention a decade of weight watchers, slimming world and none of it made any sense. All contradicting each other and often within their own ‘rules’. MND 12 CP’s are the way to go – Karl has made them so simple to follow! What I found useful was to write down what each CP meant to me in terms of what to work on. I did that in Jan after the seminar and will do again shortly as I’ve made a lot of little changes in those 6 months.” – Mrs Smith, UK

"Thought I would share this to celebrate!!! Dropped a dress size in 2 weeks!!!!! And can now wear skinny jeans!!!! Am soooooooo happy!!!!!!!" – Rose, UK

“Quitting sugar and alcohol (didn’t drink much anyway) has changed my life. Karl Whitfield changed my life, his MND and 12CP showed me the way and I followed x Thank you x” – Mrs Wade, UK

“I’ve lost 7lbs in 12 days Karl, and yes it is all yum, and beats a sandwich and crisps any day!” – Ms C, UK

“MND has got me from 20% body fat to around 15% some times under fluctuates slightly but really impressed and not really made many drastic changes just been more aware of what I fuel my body with. Knowledge is power so massive thanks to Karl Whitfield for his… very inspiring … help.” – Mr R, Yorks

“Well Karl, I’ve lost 13.5 lb, 7 more lb to go and it’s all down MND and the info you are posting!” – Mrs C, Northern Ireland

“Cheers to all of us who have cut out alcohol, tobacco, refined sugar and junk & processed foods from our diet. I can't thank you enough for all the MND articles. They opened up my eyes to a whole new way of living.” – Mr C, New Delhi, India

“Karl, you've taught me so much over these last 6 years. Thank you for being a constant reminder of my quest to be fit, healthy, and successful.” – Mr B, California, USA

“MND really does work!” – Ms R, London

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"…my hubby … was sceptical at first but has been eating nearly the same as me and has lost half a stone, now he’s singing your praises!! I’ve lost just about a stone…[in a month]"

"MND really does work!"

– Ms R, London

"Great Day. Cannot recommend Karl’s seminar enough. Walked away with so much information and totally fired up. That guy is awesome and he walks the talk! "

– Ms C, UK

"It's a good read and I'm 5lb down already and I haven't even finished the book yet!"

- Ms. G, South East

"Absolutely great day, learned so much. Would recommend it to everyone! Thanks Karl Whitfield. It was a great seminar, well worth the journey. I’m looking forward to doing the homework and making some changes!"

– Mr Smith, Glasgow.

"I’ve been following the MND lifestyle for 4 weeks today – lots of positive changes including over 7lbs lost."

- Mr J, South West

"Hey Karl , I can’t thank you enough for showing me the errors of my ways , and shining the torch of reality straight to where I should be . Thanks to you, over the last 9 months I’ve lost over 2 1/2 stone, I’m enjoying life again, and I’ve developed the habit of doing loads of walking."

– Mr.S, Midlands, UK

Mother Nature's Diet

These are all 100% genuine testimonials. Any not listed with a name credited are only listed that way for privacy. Join these happy people, check out Mother Nature's Diet and get these results for yourself. Start today, the book includes a 28-Day Plan to help you make changes to your diet and lifestyle that will quickly and easily give you the results you have been looking for.


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